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2024 Tesla Model 3 Compared to the Most Affordable Model 3 Available

Tesla Model 3: A Tale of Two Generations

In the world of electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 has undeniably set benchmarks, combining sleek design, impressive performance, and cutting-edge technology. Recently, I had the unique opportunity to compare the latest Model 3 with its older sibling, a 2018 version, to see just how far Tesla has come in refining its approach to the quintessential electric sedan.

The Arrival of the New Contender

The new Model 3 rolled in with a flourish, boasting a heavily refreshed look and a suite of updates that piqued my curiosity. From the sharper front end to the sophisticated Ultra Red paint, this Model 3 looked every bit the part of a modern electric vehicle. The new 19-inch Nova wheels and redesigned tail lights added to its allure, signaling that this wasn’t just any update, but a comprehensive overhaul.

The Classic Charm

Contrasting the new with the old, the 2018 Model 3 held its ground with a certain vintage charm. Despite its age, it still carried the futuristic ethos Tesla is known for, albeit with signs of wear that told stories of its adventures on the road. The older Model 3, priced significantly lower due to depreciation, offered a compelling value proposition. It begged the question: Is the latest model worth the premium, or does the older generation provide nearly as much bang for significantly fewer bucks?

Behind the Wheel

Driving the new Model 3 was an experience in smoothness and silence. Tesla has made strides in improving the insulation and ride quality, making the car quieter and more comfortable than ever. The updated suspension and the addition of new tires contributed to a ride that felt both plush and controlled.

However, not all changes were for the better. The removal of the turn signal stalk and the gear selector, now integrated into the touchscreen, was a point of contention. It felt like a step back in ergonomics, complicating tasks that were once straightforward.

Jumping into the 2018 Model 3, the differences were palpable but not as vast as one might expect. The older model had a liveliness to it, with a ride that felt more connected, despite the additional road noise and less refined suspension. The presence of physical controls for turning signals and gear selection was a welcome feature, one that I found more intuitive than the touch-based inputs of the new model.

The Verdict

After days of testing and comparing, it became clear that the choice between the new and old Model 3 isn’t cut and dry. The latest model shines with its technological advancements and refined aesthetics. However, the older model holds incredible value, especially for those who appreciate the tactile feedback of traditional controls and can live with a bit more cabin noise.

For potential buyers, the decision will likely come down to personal preference and priorities. If cutting-edge features and a quieter ride top your list, the new Model 3 is the way to go. But if you’re looking for the essence of a Tesla at a more accessible price point, don’t overlook a used Model 3. It might just offer everything you need, with a dash of classic charm that continues to stand the test of time.

In the rapidly evolving world of electric cars, both versions of the Model 3 make a compelling case, each in its own unique way. As I wrapped up my journey with these remarkable vehicles, I was reminded of the magic of Tesla – a company that continues to push the boundaries of what we expect from electric vehicles, one innovation at a time.



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