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3 Inner Thigh Exercises for Women to Tone and Strengthen | Erin Stern Fitness Workouts

Are you looking to tighten your inner thighs and add some definition to your legs? Well, look no further because Aaron has got you covered with some great exercises that you can do anywhere, with just a bench or chair and some light dumbbells.

Aaron explains that while machines like the adductor or good curl machine can be effective, they may not be the best option for everyone, especially if you’re shorter or taller. That’s why he recommends incorporating a mix of compound and isolation movements to target those inner thigh muscles.

One of the exercises Aaron demonstrates is the bench adductor lift, where you get into a side plank position and lift your bottom leg up to meet your top leg. This not only works your abs but also targets your adductors on both sides.

Another exercise is the lateral lunge or cic squat, which is a compound movement that hits the adductors along with other muscles. By focusing on maintaining proper form and alignment, you can effectively work those inner thigh muscles.

Lastly, Aaron shows us the paa Sumo goblet squat, a challenging move that requires you to maintain your weight through the ball of your foot and push your knees out to engage the adductors. This exercise not only strengthens your adductors but also works your quads and glutes.

Overall, these three exercises are great for targeting and tightening the inner thighs. By incorporating them into your workout routine, you can see improvements in both strength and definition in that area. So, give them a try and let Aaron know what you think in the comments. Train smart and train hard, y’all!



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