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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Early Adopters of Electric Vehicles

Hello everyone, welcome back to Out of Speec Guide! I’m Max, and I’m here with my friend and colleague, Colton, at Out of Speec Detailing. You may have seen the video we did earlier on this channel where we talked about our personal EV experiences with a lot of depreciation in the EV market. Both of us, me with my Polestar 2 and Colton with his ID4 and Tesla Model 3s, have experienced the financial impact of owning an EV.

In this video, we wanted to provide some insight into why, as early adopters, despite the financial impact, we enjoy having EVs and what it’s actually like to live with and charge them. We’ll be discussing operational costs, charging, tires, insurance, and sharing some personal numbers to give you a better idea of what it’s like owning an EV. We’re not here to evangelize; we’re just car enthusiasts who happen to enjoy daily driving EVs.

Colton shares his experience with his Tesla Model 3 Performance, highlighting the great deal he got on it due to incentives and discounts. He also talks about the convenience of charging at home using a 110-volt outlet and the affordability of electricity, making it easy to keep his car charged.

I then share my experience with my Polestar 2, discussing the costs of charging, maintenance, and the joy of driving an EV despite some trade-offs. We talk about the versatility of EVs and how they offer a unique driving experience, especially in a state like Colorado where EVs are prevalent.

Colton and I touch on the costs of owning an EV, including expenses like tires and insurance premiums, but also highlight the benefits and enjoyment of driving these vehicles. We discuss the environmental aspect of EVs and how they offer a different driving experience compared to traditional gas vehicles.

Overall, we share our perspectives on why we find owning an EV enjoyable, despite some financial challenges. We hope this video provides a balanced view of EV ownership and helps you understand the real-world costs and benefits of driving an EV. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more content on EV ownership experiences!



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