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Attempted Squeeze on Tesla Stock! Predictions for TSLA, SPY, NVDA, BTC, AAPL, QQQ, META, COIN, and AMZN

Hey there, good guys! It’s Ray J back with another video, and this time I want to break down what’s happening with Tesla, SPY, and a couple of other tickers in the market. There are new developments and economic calendar updates that are influencing the market movement, so let’s dive in.

First things first, I want to make it clear that I am not a financial planner, so please take everything I say as informational and not financial advice. Also, don’t forget to check out the Mo link in the description for some great offers.

Now, let’s talk about Tesla. The stock has seen a nice push to the upside, testing the 179 resistance level. Breaking through this could open the doors for even higher levels, with 180 and 182 in sight. The overall market is attempting to bounce back, breaking key resistance levels, thanks to positive sentiment from recent data.

Speaking of data, the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Report came in above expectations, which is bullish for the markets. Inflation expectations are also below consensus, indicating a more positive outlook for the future. Big institutions are making moves based on this data, pushing the markets higher.

As for individual stocks, NVIDIA is looking bullish, with potential upside towards 150. The QQQ is also showing signs of recovery, trying to fill an imbalance at 459. Apple, Coinbase, Amazon, and Meta are all looking strong, with potential for further gains.

In the midst of all this market activity, Tesla is trying to break through the 179 level, showing bullish signs. The market is wild right now, with GameStop and AMC also showing potential for upside.

Overall, there is a lot of upside potential in the market, so keep an eye on key levels and stay informed. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace out!



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