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Attempting to Launch a Laser Engraving Business in Just One Week

Are you looking for a new business venture that has the potential to be a money-making machine? Look no further than starting a laser engraving and cutting business! With just a 0.12 investment in a laser machine, you can create personalized products ranging from coasters to signs to cutting boards and more.

In just 7 days, you can go from setting up your laser machine to designing and engraving your first products. With the potential to make tens of thousands of dollars, the possibilities are endless. But how do you get started?

First, you’ll need to invest in a laser machine. Brands like xtool offer a variety of options for beginners to pros, with prices ranging from $500 to $4,500. Once you have your machine, you’ll need to budget for software, marketing, inventory, and other costs, bringing your total startup investment to around $489.

Once your machine arrives, it’s time to put it to the test with three challenges: cutting cardboard, engraving wood, and engraving a toothpick. With each successful challenge, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and the potential of your new business.

Next, it’s time to decide on a product to sell. Business signs are a great option for B2B and wedding markets, as they are easy to ship and take advantage of your laser machine’s capabilities. However, you’ll want to ensure that your product is easy to make to reduce your workload and increase scalability.

As you set up your Etsy store and list your products, the real challenge begins. It may take time to see success and make back your initial investment, but with dedication and hard work, the potential for profit is there.

So, are you ready to start your own laser engraving and cutting business? With just a 0.12 investment and a little creativity, you could be on your way to making money with your very own money printing machine. Subscribe for updates on this exciting journey and stay tuned for part two to see how this business venture unfolds.



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