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Biden addresses new executive order restricting asylum at U.S.-Mexico border — June 4, 2024

In a recent blog post, I discussed a negotiation that took place between my staff and both Democrats and Republicans regarding border security. We were able to come to a clear bipartisan agreement, which was hailed as the strongest border security deal in decades. However, the deal fell apart when some Republicans in Congress walked away from it, following instructions from Donald Trump.

Trump’s decision to sabotage the deal was seen as a cynical political move, rather than a genuine effort to address the issue at hand. This left many Americans frustrated, as they were looking for real solutions, not political games. In response to the Republican obstruction, I announced that I would be taking executive actions to address the border crisis on my own.

These actions included barring migrants who cross the southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum, unless they go through the established legal process. While these steps were necessary to gain control of the border, they were not enough to truly secure it. Congress needed to provide funding for additional border security agents, judges, and asylum officers.

I emphasized the importance of immigration to America and the need to protect our borders while upholding our values. I also highlighted the need for comprehensive immigration reform to fix our broken system and provide pathways to citizenship for dreamers. It was clear that action needed to be taken, and I was committed to doing my part.

As the blog post concluded, I called on Congressional Republicans to do their part and work towards real solutions for the border crisis. It was time to stop fighting and start fixing the problem. The American people deserved better, and it was up to all of us to ensure a secure and fair immigration system for future generations.



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