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Boost Your Productivity with this ADHD System Developed by a NASA Engineer

Hey guys, my name is Ali Al Caragi and I am a systems engineer at the NASA J Forlan lab. In this blog post, I want to share with you how you can double your productivity for the rest of your life using systems in under two hours.

I have been incredibly frustrated with the productivity content that is out there, especially on YouTube. So, I decided to start my own channel to share my system that has helped me be very productive in my career at NASA, running two companies, and growing my YouTube channel and LinkedIn profile.

Productivity, in my opinion, is not about adding more things to your life. It’s about removing the things that are not making you productive. This is the first step in my productivity system – subtract. You need to identify what is sucking away your time and attention and remove it before adding anything new.

My productivity system is based on four pillars – clarity, prioritization, time management, and execution. Each of these pillars is essential for maintaining high productivity, especially if you struggle with ADHD tendencies like I do.

Clarity is about setting clear goals and targets. Prioritization helps you focus on the actions that will move you closer to your goals. Time management is about using an opt-out approach to scheduling tasks, rather than an opt-in approach. And execution is all about managing your self-talk and overcoming internal resistance.

Once you have a system in place that addresses these four pillars, you need to divide your day into different tasks and multiply your efforts by consistently following your system. This consistency is key to maintaining high productivity for the rest of your life.

If you want to dive deeper into my productivity system, I have a program called “Double Your Productivity Using an ADHD System Invented by a NASA Engineer.” This program goes into more depth on each step of the system and will help you become insanely productive.

Remember, productivity is about subtracting before you add. So, before you spend time searching for the perfect productivity system, focus on removing the things that are holding you back.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or want to learn more about my productivity system, feel free to check out my YouTube channel or the program I mentioned.

Peace and love, and here’s to a more productive future!



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