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Chomps: The Journey from $6,500 to a $244 Million Annual Business

The story of Chomps is one of passion, determination, and a commitment to creating a healthier alternative in the meat snacks category. Co-founder Pete Maldonado’s love for meat sticks from a young age led him to question why there weren’t better-for-you options available. With the global meat snacks market on the rise, Pete and his friend Rashid took a leap of faith and invested their own money to launch Chomps in 2012.

Their journey was not without challenges, from sourcing grass-fed beef from Tasmania to finding a co-manufacturer willing to create their unique recipe. But their dedication paid off, and Chomps quickly gained traction, selling out of product and doubling their sales year after year.

The pivotal moment came when Trader Joe’s started selling Chomps in their stores, catapulting the brand to new heights. With a commitment to ethical sourcing practices and a focus on inclusivity, Chomps has become a household name in the meat snacks industry.

In 2021, Chomps secured its first funding round, marking a new chapter in their growth. With nearly $250 million in retail sales in 2023, Pete and Rashid’s vision of providing a high-protein, low-sugar, convenient snack has resonated with consumers across the country.

As they continue to expand and innovate, Pete and Rashid remain true to their mission of making a difference in the snacking world. Their story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a belief in the potential for success, even when faced with skepticism from others. Chomps is not just a snack brand; it’s a symbol of what can be achieved when you follow your convictions and never give up on your dreams.



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