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Citigroup’s Andrew Hollenhorst Predicts a Tough Landing for U.S. Economy

Group provided some valuable insights into the current state of the US economy and what may lie ahead. With predictions of four rate cuts from the FED starting in July, there is a growing concern about a potential hard landing.

One of the key indicators that Andrew highlighted was the weakening labor market, particularly in small and medium-sized businesses. Hiring intentions are at their lowest levels since 2016, and the overall hiring rate is the lowest it has been in a decade. This gradual softening in the labor market could snowball into a more significant economic downturn.

Despite the ongoing fiscal spending and stimulus measures, there are signs that the impact may be fading. While this has extended the economic cycle, it may not be enough to prevent a hard landing. The uncertainty surrounding the economy makes it challenging to forecast accurately, but the data suggests that a slowdown may be on the horizon.

As we wait to see how the FED responds and whether a July rate cut becomes a reality, it’s essential to monitor the labor market and other economic indicators closely. The coming months will be crucial in determining the future direction of the US economy. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving situation.



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