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Dr. Bret Scher explains why the Keto diet may not be effective for improving mental health

Have you tried a keto diet to improve your mood and mental health, only to find that it didn’t work as well as you had hoped? You’re not alone. While ketosis may not have equivalent effects for everyone, experts in the field suggest that there are a number of things that may diminish keto’s mental health impact. Addressing these issues may dramatically improve someone’s overall experience with ketosis.

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At a challenging time when it comes to ketogenic therapy for brain-based disorders, it’s important to consider why ketosis may not be having the mental health impact someone was hoping for. Here are seven reasons, according to experts:

1. Ketone levels: Aim for blood levels between 1.0 and 3.0 mmol/L for optimal impact. Working with an experienced clinician can help determine the right strategy for increasing Ketone levels if needed.

2. Time: Give ketosis 3 to 4 months before considering it an adequate trial for maximal effects.

3. Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies: Check levels of essential nutrients like carnitine, B12, B6, and B9, as deficiencies can impair ketosis and mental health impact.

4. Concurrent medical conditions: Conditions like hypothyroidism and anemia may impair the effect of ketosis on mental health.

5. Alcohol and drugs: Addressing substance abuse disorders is crucial for success with ketosis.

6. Medications: Certain psychiatric medications may impact ketosis, so working with a knowledgeable team of experts is important.

7. Lifestyle factors: Pay attention to sleep, stress, and exercise, as these can all affect the mental health benefits of ketosis.

While ketosis may have substantial mental health benefits, it’s important to address these factors to optimize the effects. Working closely with an experienced clinical team can help navigate these challenges and improve your overall experience with ketosis.

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