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Driver of Pickup Truck Attempts to Flee from My Tesla

Driving down Highway 101 in California in his Tesla Model 3 Performance, our submitter, who goes by the name O Easy, found himself in a harrowing situation. Heavy traffic ahead suddenly came to an abrupt halt, forcing him to slam on the brakes just in time to avoid a collision. However, the driver of the black 2024 Chevrolet ZR2 pickup truck behind him wasn’t so lucky.

The pickup driver, with California plate number 80710 X3, hadn’t secured the load of lumber on his roof properly. When he hit the brakes, some of the lumber flew off the truck, spearing into the back of O Easy’s Tesla and scraping the underside of the vehicle. What happened next was nothing short of a wild pursuit that would leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

O Easy, determined not to let the pickup driver get away, immediately sprang into action. He called 911 and began chasing after the fleeing pickup, using his Tesla’s powerful acceleration to stay on the other driver’s tail. As the pursuit unfolded, O Easy made daring maneuvers to block the pickup and force it to stop, even following the driver into a residential area and through a school zone.

Despite his best efforts, the pickup driver managed to evade O Easy multiple times, attempting evasive maneuvers and even reversing to escape. Eventually, the 911 operator advised O Easy to stop chasing the driver, and he reluctantly complied, allowing the hit-and-run driver to escape.

When the California Highway Patrol (CHP) finally arrived on the scene, O Easy showed them his Tesla cam video, including the license plate number and the driver’s face. However, to his dismay, he was told that the pickup truck was uninsured, which explained why the driver fled the scene. Despite the evidence, the police informed O Easy that they couldn’t charge the driver due to this technicality.

The blog story ends with a cliffhanger, leaving readers to ponder why the police couldn’t charge the pickup driver with leaving the scene of a collision. The thrilling pursuit, captured on video, showcases O Easy’s determination to seek justice and highlights the power of technology in documenting such incidents.



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