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Ed Yardeni Predicts US Stocks Will Continue in a Long-Term Bull Market

In the world of investing, there are always different theories and opinions on where the economy is headed. One theory that has been debated is Dow Theory, with some big believers and naysayers. However, one thing that seems clear right now is the disconnect between the manufacturing and services sectors of the economy.

As we have seen, there has been a goods recession, with a surge in spending on goods after lockdowns were lifted. People were eager to shop and make up for lost time, leading to record spending on goods. However, as services began to open up, the demand for goods started to level off.

This shift in consumer behavior has had an impact on various industries, such as trucking and train transportation, which have also seen a stall in activity. Despite this weakness in the goods sector, the services side of the economy has been thriving.

When it comes to interpreting market signals and economic data, it seems that the economic data is still looking positive. Initial unemployment claims have continued to decrease, indicating a strong labor market and consumer confidence. Small businesses may be struggling to find workers, but overall, the economy appears to be resilient.

As for the future of interest rates and where to find value in the market, it is important to stay invested and focus on sectors like information technology, industrials, and financials. While there may be some short-term opportunities in certain sectors, the overall outlook for the US economy remains positive.

When it comes to small caps versus large caps, it may be wise to stick with larger companies that are better equipped to handle challenges like finding workers and increasing productivity. However, mid-caps in the information technology sector have been performing well and could be a good option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

In conclusion, while there may be differing opinions on the state of the economy and where to invest, staying informed and focusing on strong sectors can help navigate the ever-changing market landscape. As we continue to see green shoots in the global economy, it is important to remain optimistic about the long-term potential of the market.



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