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Electric vs. Petrol Challenge: A Close Race with Only $14 Difference over 900km (560 miles)

In this engaging blog story, Paul and his friend Joe embark on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney to compare the costs and efficiency of driving an electric vehicle (EV) versus an internal combustion car. They both start with their cars fully charged and fueled, and set out on the journey, documenting their experiences along the way.

Throughout the trip, they encounter challenges such as average speed camera zones, fluctuating temperatures, and charging stops. Paul’s EV requires multiple charging stops, while Joe’s internal combustion car only needs to refuel once. Despite the convenience of fast charging stations, Paul ends up spending more on electricity compared to Joe’s fuel costs.

After reaching their destination in Sydney, they crunch the numbers and analyze the results. They find that while the EV was more expensive to charge, a more efficient electric vehicle or improvements in battery technology could make it more cost-effective in the future.

This blog story highlights the real-world implications of choosing between an EV and an internal combustion car for long-distance road trips. It raises important questions about the future of electric vehicles and the impact of rising electricity prices on their affordability. Overall, it provides valuable insights for readers considering the switch to electric vehicles.



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