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Electricity consumption in the new home during the initial 7 months

Marcus, the planner stor B Camp power, and B component have been living in their house for 7 months now. In this video, they break down their energy consumption and efficiency of their heat pump. The video takes us through their energy usage over the months, showing how the heat pump copes with different temperatures and conditions.

In the beginning, they show the energy consumption of the heat pump during the winter months, where the cop was not very efficient due to the cold temperatures. As the weather got warmer, the cop improved, and they were able to reduce their energy consumption. They also discuss the challenges they faced with the heat pump not working in extremely cold temperatures and the need to use additional heating methods.

They also talk about their government support for peak power usage and how they managed to stay within the limits to avoid high costs. They explain how they charged their electric cars and managed their energy consumption during peak hours.

Marcus also discusses their plans for the summer months, including using the pool and the impact it will have on their energy consumption. They talk about the importance of covering the pool when not in use to prevent heat loss and how it can even act as a passive heater during the day.

They also touch upon future plans for their house, including installing a new air-to-air heat pump and improving their cooling system. They discuss the challenges they face with cooling the house during the summer months and their plans to make the house more energy-efficient.

Overall, the video provides an in-depth look at their energy consumption and efficiency, showcasing the steps they are taking to reduce their energy usage and costs. It highlights the importance of understanding your energy consumption and finding ways to improve efficiency in your home. Marcus and his team are constantly working towards making their house more sustainable and energy-efficient, setting an example for others to follow.



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