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Examining the Feasibility of Repairing Tesla Model Y Giga Castings: A Detailed Analysis

Hey everyone, it’s John at Evolve, and today we want to show you a model Y and really inspected Giga casting. We’ve had a lot of comments on some earlier posts about Giga casting replacements and how hard they are to get. Some people even think they would total out a car. So, we wanted to give you some details behind what replacing a Giga casting might involve.

In this case, we’ve got a brand new Model Y that’s been hit pretty hard. We’re going to remove the quarter panel to take a look at the Giga casting and walk through the inspection process to show you what it looks like and how to confirm it’s in good shape.

Removing the quarter panel was pretty easy, and now we have access to the rear Giga casting and some of the rear structure of the vehicle. We can see some outer wheelhouse damage that will require replacement, along with other pieces that need to be replaced.

When inspecting the Giga casting, it’s important to look for any damage and see what can be fixed. There are a lot of repair options available for Giga castings now, so it’s not always an all-or-nothing situation.

We inspected the Giga casting on this Model Y and found no damage, even though the car was hit pretty hard. The design of the Giga casting is incredibly strong, and it’s impressive how well it held up in the impact.

We also talked about the different repair options available for Giga castings, including welding cracks and using backing plates for support. The original thinking that Giga casting damage means a total loss is not necessarily true anymore, as more repair options become available.

Overall, inspecting and repairing Giga castings is becoming more common and cost-effective, which is great news for Tesla owners. Thanks for watching, and feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Stay tuned for more updates on our monthly podcast. Thanks again for your support!



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