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Exploring the Resale Value of Electric Vehicles: Questions, Coffee & Cars #77

and Andrea, hosts of the motormouth YouTube channel, are known for their engaging full-length car reviews. However, halfway through their videos, they spice things up with a segment called “Questions, Coffee, and Cars.” This segment allows viewers to submit their burning car-related questions for Zach and Andrea to answer.

To get a question featured on the show, viewers must follow along on Instagram at motormouth_Andrea. Every Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. Pacific time, Andrea posts a call for questions with Zach, and once they gather enough questions, the post is deleted, and they start the show.

In a recent episode, Zach and Andrea tackled a variety of questions from viewers. From inquiries about upcoming car models to debates on the reliability of electric vehicles, they covered it all. One viewer from Nova Scotia was curious about the possibility of Jeep offering a Wrangler 4-door model. Zach and Andrea discussed the challenges of fitting a battery in the 4-door model and the increasing popularity of the 4-door Wrangler.

Another viewer sought advice on purchasing a new non-luxury SUV, considering models like the Toyota Crown Signia, Subaru Forester, and VW Tiguan. Zach and Andrea provided insights on the upcoming Crown Signia release and discussed the reliability of each option.

The conversation then shifted to the long-term ownership costs of electric vehicles. Zach and Andrea delved into the potential depreciation and battery replacement costs associated with owning an EV for an extended period. They emphasized the importance of considering the evolving technology and resale value when deciding to invest in an EV for the long haul.

As the episode wrapped up, Zach and Andrea reflected on the uncertainties surrounding EV ownership and the potential challenges of holding onto an electric vehicle for an extended period. They encouraged viewers to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of owning an EV long-term and consider factors like battery longevity and resale value.

Overall, the “Questions, Coffee, and Cars” segment added an interactive and informative element to the motormouth YouTube channel, allowing viewers to engage with Zach and Andrea on a personal level. With their expert insights and engaging banter, Zach and Andrea continue to provide valuable car-related content for their dedicated audience.



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