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Ford F150 Owners Give Unfiltered Review of CyberTruck

Today, we’re here with Zach, a popular and in-demand guy in our model community. Zach recently starred in a full self-driving video, but today we decided to get him on the other side of the camera once again. We sat down with Zach to chat about his daily driver, a 2020 F-150 Lariat, which he absolutely loves.

With 86,000 miles on his truck, Zach drives anywhere from 100 to 140 miles a day. He chose a truck because he wanted something bigger that could tow and do everything he needed. The comfort, roominess, and overall performance of his F-150 have won him over.

Recently, Zach had the opportunity to drive a Cybertruck, and he was blown away by the experience. From the turning radius to the acceleration, Zach found the Cybertruck to be a step above his F-150 in many ways. The suspension, steering, and overall driving experience left him impressed.

Despite initially not liking the look of the Cybertruck, Zach found that seeing it in person changed his perspective. While he still prefers the look of his F-150, he appreciates the unique design of the Cybertruck, especially in the color he drove.

As we wrapped up our chat with Zach, we couldn’t help but wonder if he should start his own YouTube channel. With his natural charisma and honest opinions, Zach could easily become a hit in the automotive community. Leave a comment if you think Zach should take the plunge into the world of YouTube.

Overall, Zach’s experience with the Cybertruck was a positive one, showcasing the impressive features and performance of Tesla’s latest creation. Whether he sticks with his beloved F-150 or considers making the switch to a Cybertruck in the future, one thing is clear – Zach is a true car enthusiast who appreciates a comfortable, powerful ride.



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