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GM Energy – Pilot/Flying J Update #19: Electric Vehicle Charging

The latest updates on the Pilot Flying J Project have been causing quite a stir in the electric vehicle community. With only 37 weeks left in the year and 166 stations still left to open, the pressure is on to hit their target of 200 stations by the end of the year. The recent opening of one additional station brings the count to 34, but the big news is the ability to track pricing in the Evo app for these stations.

Previously, the Evo app did not reflect the current pricing at these stations, but that has now changed. Users can now see the price per kilowatt hour when preparing to charge at these locations. The prices have been on the rise, with the average cost across all 34 locations now at 64.82 cents per kilowatt hour. The highest price is 85 cents per kilowatt hour in Castleton on Hudson, New York, while the lowest is 55 cents per kilowatt hour at two stations in Georgia.

Many are questioning the high prices and speculating on the reasons behind them. Some believe that Pilot Flying J may be inflating the rates to attract GM customers, who are said to receive discounted charging rates. Others suggest that the prices may be inflated initially to recoup capital expenditure before being lowered later on.

Despite the high prices, construction is underway at several new locations, including Dade City, Florida, and Lancing, Michigan. YouTuber Zeroe Michigan has been documenting his ebike tour of the Central United States, including a stop at a new charging location. Excitement is building as more sites are spotted under construction, with progress being made at long-awaited locations in Toledo and Belmont.

Overall, the electric vehicle community is eagerly awaiting the completion of these new charging stations and hoping for more affordable pricing in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on the Pilot Flying J Project as it continues to unfold.



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