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How I Earn $100k Monthly with a Single Strategy (Real-Time Trading Results)

In the world of trading, there are countless strategies and concepts that traders can use to try and make a profit. One such concept that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is ICT or smart money concepts. Many new traders believe that these concepts are the holy grail of trading and that there is no other way to be profitable without using them.

However, one trader has proven that this may not be the case. In a recent blog post, they shared how they made $42,000 in just three days of trading without using advanced ICT or SMC concepts. Instead, they traded with a simple strategy that they could replicate on a daily basis to make consistent profits.

The trader emphasized the importance of simplicity in trading, stating that complicated strategies often lead to unprofitability. They explained that as more traders start using a specific strategy, its effectiveness diminishes over time. This is why they believe that simple trading strategies are more profitable in the long run.

The trader shared real examples of trades they took using their simple strategy, showing how they identified key levels, entered and exited trades, and managed risk. They also emphasized the importance of adapting to new market conditions to maintain profitability.

Overall, the trader’s success serves as a reminder that simplicity can be key to success in trading. While advanced concepts like ICT and SMC may have their place, a simple and effective strategy can often be just as profitable. As the trader’s results show, it’s not always about using the most complicated strategies, but rather about finding what works best for you and sticking to it.



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