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How Sainsbury’s Smart Charge Could Revolutionize the EV Charging Industry

and this has been Dave Takes It On. Today, we delved into the exciting news of supermarkets in the UK rolling out smart charge EV chargers in their car parks. This move is set to revolutionize the EV charging landscape in the country, offering convenience, competitive pricing, and a massive increase in the number of available chargers.

It all started with Tesco and their 7 kWatt Pod Point chargers, which were initially free for customers. Other supermarkets like Asda and Morrison’s followed suit, offering free or low-cost charging options. However, as the competition heated up, supermarkets began to introduce paid charging options, with prices ranging from 20p to 45p per kilowatt-hour.

But now, Sainsbury’s has taken the lead with their smart charge program, offering rapid and ultra-rapid chargers at 75p per kilowatt-hour. With plans to install these chargers in all 1,424 of their stores, Sainsbury’s is set to disrupt the market and drive down prices for EV drivers.

The introduction of smart charge EV chargers in supermarket car parks is a game-changer for EV drivers. Not only will it make charging more convenient and affordable, but it will also encourage the adoption of EVs by making charging more accessible. With the potential for 10,000 to 30,000 rapid and ultra-rapid chargers in supermarket car parks, the future of EV charging in the UK looks bright.

So, if you’re an EV driver in the UK, keep an eye out for these new smart charge EV chargers in supermarket car parks. The convenience, competitive pricing, and increased availability of chargers are sure to make your EV driving experience even better. And who knows, maybe other supermarkets will follow suit, creating a network of EV chargers that will make charging your EV as easy as doing your weekly shop.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of EV charging, and happy driving!



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