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How Your Car Insurance is Taking Advantage of You by Totalling Your Brand New EV for a Minor Scratch

The topic of EV repair and diagnostic tools is a crucial one in the automotive industry, especially as electric vehicles become more prevalent on the roads. In this engaging blog story, we follow the journey of a Rivian R1T truck that was written off by the insurance company, only to be saved by the expertise of a skilled technician from MLM Diagnostics.

The story delves into the challenges faced by EV owners and repair shops when it comes to diagnosing and fixing issues with high voltage systems. The technician, Chris, shares his experience of working on the Rivian truck and highlights the importance of proper diagnosis and repair to keep EVs on the road.

Through detailed explanations and insights into the intricacies of EV repair, the blog story sheds light on the complexities of working on electric vehicles and the need for specialized knowledge and tools. It also emphasizes the role of third-party repair shops in providing solutions for EV owners who may struggle to find affordable and reliable repair services.

Overall, the blog story serves as a reminder of the growing importance of EV repair and the valuable work being done by technicians like Chris to keep electric vehicles running smoothly. It also raises awareness about the challenges and opportunities in the EV repair industry, showcasing the potential for innovation and growth in this rapidly evolving field.



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