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I hope entrepreneurship is no longer viewed as a scam

The first time I really heard about the online entrepreneurship space was through an advert run by a guy named Ean Gaji. He claimed to be a 19-year-old high school dropout who was already rich and living a lavish lifestyle. At first, I thought he was just a scammer and a liar, but little did I know that my beliefs were actually a reflection of my own insecurities.

A few years later, I found myself meeting Ean’s assistant in London, who gifted me a custom engraved Rolex for hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube. This experience made me realize that success in entrepreneurship is possible, despite what others may think.

I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job at a homeless shelter to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to build a successful online business and achieve financial freedom. I even retired my father and treated my mother to a business class flight to Pakistan.

Despite my success, I faced criticism and negativity from some people who couldn’t understand or appreciate my journey. I learned the importance of choosing positive beliefs about money and entrepreneurship, and not letting others’ opinions hold me back.

If you’re a young entrepreneur facing similar challenges, I encourage you to stay true to your path and believe in your abilities. Success is possible, and with hard work and determination, you can achieve your goals. Don’t let the negativity of others deter you from pursuing your dreams. Embrace the grind, celebrate success, and never stop believing in yourself.



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