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Impact of Exit Polls on Stock Market in 2024 Election: Will there be a Market Crash or Surge? Analysis of Modi Ji’s Influence

The results of the 1.88 exit polls are out and everyone is buzzing with excitement. The stock market is eagerly waiting for the market to open, hoping for a rocket-like surge. But in this over-excitement, there is a chance of making mistakes. In this video, we will discuss the expectations and the right approach to stay ready for the market.

The exit polls are indicating a stable government with a full majority, which is good news for the market. The market is not concerned about who wins, but rather about the stability and direction of the government’s expenditure. The market has already accepted the exit poll results, and now we are speculating about the actual results.

As we approach the market opening on Monday, there is a sense of anticipation for a positive start. Tuesday will be crucial, especially after 10:30 am when the actual action begins. It is important to stay focused and keep an eye on specific stocks and segments that are in focus due to the election results.

Whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, it is essential to control your quantities and trade with a proper strategy. Avoid random buying or selling based on emotions. Stay calm and focused, and be prepared for the market volatility in the next few days.

Share your opinions and logic in the comments section, and consider opening a DMAT account for various benefits. Happy learning and I will see you in the market discussions ahead!



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