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Incredible! Black vs Brown Makeup Showdown: A Comparison of Mascara and Eyeliner

Brown mascara is making a comeback and it’s taking the beauty world by storm. In a sea of black mascaras, the subtle and soft look of brown mascara is gaining popularity. As a long-time black mascara user, I decided to put this trend to the test by doing a side-by-side comparison of brown and black mascara on my eyes.

I started by applying a light brown eyeshadow as a base on both eyes. Then, I used a brown eyeliner on one eye and a black eyeliner on the other. The difference was subtle but noticeable – the brown side gave a softer and more natural look, while the black side was more intense and dramatic.

Next, I applied brown mascara on one eye and black mascara on the other. The brown mascara was a deep chocolatey shade that complemented the brown eyeliner perfectly. The black mascara, on the other hand, added a bold and striking touch to the black eyeliner.

After comparing the two looks, I found that the brown mascara was more flattering and less harsh than the black mascara. It gave a softer and more natural look that I really liked. I even tried a combination of brown mascara and black lashes, which turned out to be a perfect balance between the two.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference the choice of mascara color made. The brown mascara trend is definitely one worth trying, especially if you’re looking for a more subtle and natural look. So, are you team brown mascara or team black mascara? Let me know in the comments below!



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