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Is SKKN BY KIM MAKEUP a Cash Grab or Passion Project for Kim Kardashian?

The launch of Kim Kardashian’s new brand, SKKN By Kim, has sparked a lot of conversation in the beauty community. Some are praising the revamped brand for its focus on skincare and universally flattering products, while others are criticizing the high prices and lack of inclusivity in the eyeshadow palette.

In a video announcing the launch, Kim showcased her office, complete with a 3D print of her brain and a sunbed, before revealing the new collection. The brand promises skin-loving formulas and high-performance glam, but some are skeptical of the use of the term “clean” in the marketing.

The collection includes velvety matte lipsticks, long-wearing lip pencils, and a matte eyeshadow palette with warm and cool tones. While some appreciate the focus on skincare and the staple products in the collection, others feel that the prices are too high and the shades are not as universally flattering as claimed.

Overall, opinions on the launch are mixed, with some questioning whether the brand will be a passion project for Kim or just a cash grab. Only time will tell if SKKN By Kim will thrive and grow, or if it will fade away like some of her previous ventures. What are your thoughts on the launch? Let us know in the comments.



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