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Kendall Jenner’s Tips for Achieving the “Spring French Girl” Makeup Look | Beauty Secrets from Vogue

Hey beauty lovers! It’s Kendall here, and I am back for my fourth Vogue beauty secrets video. I am so excited for this one, you have no idea! Today, I am going to show you the best glam look you’ve ever seen in your life. I can’t even take myself seriously when I say that!

I always start my beauty routine with some ginger tea with fresh ginger chunks in it. It’s the perfect way to wake myself up a little. Then, I like to use gold eye patches to refresh my under eyes. Next, I start with a little Gacha 100% virgin coconut oil face oil. I love how thick and luxurious it feels on my skin.

After applying the face oil, I spray some rose water over top to give my skin a nice glide. I then use a Gacha tool to massage my face, focusing on draining any excess fluid and sculpting my jawline. I may not be the most skilled at this, but I try my best!

I follow up with a gentle face cleanser to remove all the oils from my skin. Skincare is super important to me, especially since I struggled with acne in the past. I then apply my favorite lip butter from Kylie Cosmetics and a nourishing face cream.

Before starting my makeup, I always make sure to apply sunscreen to protect my skin. I love using serums and face sprays to keep my skin looking healthy and glowing.

For my makeup look, I opt for a natural, glowy skin finish with a bronzy brown eye and a bold red lip. I love enhancing my natural beauty with makeup and always aim for a fresh and effortless look.

As I go through my makeup routine, I share some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, including my favorite products and techniques. I also talk about my journey in the modeling world and offer some advice for aspiring models.

I finish off my look with some mascara, a touch of bronzer, and a smudged red lip for that French girl vibe. I am loving this new lip look and can’t wait to rock it this spring!

I hope you enjoyed following along with my beauty routine. Until next time, stay fabulous! 💋✨



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