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Maintaining and Repairing EV Infrastructure: A Practical Guide

As a blog writer, I had the opportunity to listen in on a conversation between Greg, the North American Vice President of Professional Services at BG, and Andrew Hicks, the North American Director of Emobility. The discussion revolved around the challenges and strategies involved in operating and maintaining EV charging infrastructure at scale.

BG is an integrated facilities management organization operating in 12 countries across three key regions. With a focus on technical expertise and self-performance, BG has become a leader in the industry. As the demand for EV charging infrastructure grows, BG has organically expanded its services to include EV strategy, design, installation, and operations and maintenance.

One of the key challenges highlighted in the conversation was the high rate of charging failures experienced by EV drivers, with 21% reporting equipment malfunctions that left them unable to charge their vehicles. This underscores the importance of effective operations and maintenance practices in ensuring the reliability of charging infrastructure.

Andrew outlined a comprehensive operations and maintenance strategy consisting of six key elements: configuration and setup, preventative maintenance planning, asset and performance management integration, operations and monitoring, standardized dispatch and tracking, and operational resiliency. By designing infrastructure with operations in mind, implementing preventive maintenance plans, and integrating data-driven monitoring and dispatch processes, organizations can ensure the long-term reliability and performance of their charging infrastructure.

In conclusion, the key takeaway from the conversation was the importance of partnering with a service provider capable of managing the scale and complexity of EV charging infrastructure. Consistency, reliability, and scalability are essential for achieving high uptime and ensuring a positive user experience. By implementing a strategic operations and maintenance approach, organizations can overcome the challenges associated with maintaining EV charging infrastructure and drive the adoption of electric vehicles forward.



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