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Nvidia reveals plans for 10-to-1 stock split and 150% dividend increase

The tech world is buzzing with excitement as Nvidia announces a 0.199 stock split and a 150% boost in its dividend. This move comes as Nvidia continues its meteoric rise in the market, adding over a trillion dollars to its valuation this year alone. With its soaring stock price, Nvidia has now become the third largest US company by market cap, topping 2.3 trillion.

In a recent interview, Lou Bassin, President and Chief Market TRL at MDB Capital, shared his thoughts on Nvidia’s latest report and the implications for the broader market. While many analysts are bullish on Nvidia, Bassin remains cautious, citing concerns about valuation and expectations getting too far ahead of what the company can deliver.

Bassin also discussed potential investment opportunities in the tech sector, highlighting Microsoft as a more reasonably valued option compared to Nvidia. He also mentioned arm Holdings as an attractive chip company with potential for growth, as well as Heartbeam, a small cap company with innovative AI applications in healthcare.

As Nvidia continues to dominate the tech landscape, investors are eagerly watching to see how the stock split and dividend increase will impact the company’s future performance. With the tech sector playing a crucial role in driving market gains, Nvidia’s success is closely tied to broader market trends.

Overall, Nvidia’s latest moves have sparked excitement and speculation in the market, with investors eagerly awaiting the company’s next steps. As the tech sector continues to evolve, opportunities for growth and innovation abound, making it an exciting time for investors to explore new possibilities in the market.



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