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Our Review of the 2024 Tesla Model 3: Is It Better Than Before? | Full Range Test Results Included

The excitement of buying a brand new Tesla Model 3 is something that many car enthusiasts can relate to. In a recent blog post by Clint Simone, he dives into the details of the latest model and shares his thoughts on what makes it better than the old one.

Clint starts off by highlighting the impressive range of the new Model 3, which performed well in the Edmunds EV range test. Despite falling slightly short of the EPA estimate, the car still delivered a solid performance. He also praises the improved handling and comfort of the new model, noting that it is the best handling and most comfortable Model 3 yet.

One of the standout features of the new Model 3 is its performance on the track. Clint shares the impressive numbers from the performance test, showcasing the car’s speed and agility. He also touches on the interior upgrades, such as ventilated and heated seats, ambient lighting, and a high-quality sound system.

However, not everything about the new Model 3 is perfect in Clint’s eyes. He points out a few minor complaints, such as a strange design in the footwell and the absence of traditional stalks behind the steering wheel for gear selection and turn signals. Despite these minor issues, Clint acknowledges that the new Model 3 is a significant improvement over the old one.

Overall, Clint’s blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the new Tesla Model 3, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. As he continues to test out the car in the coming weeks, readers can look forward to more insights and updates on this exciting addition to the Edmunds long term fleet.



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