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Philip Petursson predicts that the Canadian dollar will likely fluctuate between U.S.$0.72 and U.S.$0.70.

As the clock strikes 0.12, the anticipation in the studio is palpable. Phil Peterson, Chief Investment Strategist at iigu Wealth Management, is here to share his insights on the Bank of Canada’s upcoming decision. The topic of the day is whether or not the Bank of Canada will cut interest rates, and the implications it may have on the Canadian economy.

Phil is confident that a rate cut is on the horizon, citing weak economic data and below-target GDP growth as key indicators. He believes that a 25 basis point cut is likely, which could have a positive impact on mortgage holders, especially those with variable rate mortgages.

However, Phil also raises concerns about the potential consequences of a rate cut, particularly in relation to the Canadian dollar. He points out that a weaker Canadian dollar could lead to increased inflation, as many imports are priced in US dollars. This could have a significant impact on the cost of living for Canadians.

The conversation then shifts to the dynamics between Canada and the United States, with Phil highlighting the importance of the interest rate differential between the two countries. He explains that a larger gap in borrowing costs could lead to further depreciation of the Canadian dollar, which may not be desirable for the Bank of Canada.

As the discussion continues, Phil delves into the challenges facing Canadian borrowers, particularly in light of potential rate hikes in the near future. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for higher borrowing costs, especially for those with mortgages expiring in the next six months.

In conclusion, Phil paints a cautious picture of the Canadian economy and stock market, urging investors to tread carefully in the current environment. He lays out a roadmap for potential rate cuts by the Bank of Canada, with the expectation of multiple cuts in the coming months.

Overall, Phil’s insights provide a thought-provoking analysis of the economic landscape in Canada and the potential impact of the Bank of Canada’s decisions. As the clock ticks past 0.12, the stage is set for a period of uncertainty and volatility in the Canadian economy.



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