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Repairing the Battery in my Complimentary Ford Focus Electric (Part 2)

As we dive into the intricate details of the battery project, we find ourselves faced with unexpected challenges and innovative solutions. The blog story unfolds with the writer working diligently on cleaning up the coolant and modules, waiting for parts for the Rav 4, and making modifications to the cooling system.

The writer meticulously describes their plan to eliminate coolant leaks in the setup, including 3D printed clips and silicone tubing. They encounter challenges with the compression of the modules and struggle to align them properly. However, they persist and eventually succeed in getting everything back in place.

The blog story takes a turn when the writer faces a new dilemma with the cooling system. Despite trying various tubing methods, they ultimately decide to bypass the cooling system due to space constraints and potential issues with the temperature sensors. They explain their decision-making process and outline their plan to create a U-shaped bypass using 3D printed prototypes.

The writer reflects on the limitations of the current battery pack and explores potential future options for replacement cells. They acknowledge the temporary nature of their Band-Aid fix and express their desire to find a more permanent solution in the future.

As the blog story comes to a close, the writer shares their plan to cap off the cooling plates and continue testing their new bypass solution. They express a mix of frustration and determination as they navigate the challenges of the project, ultimately aiming to achieve a satisfactory result in the end.

Overall, the engaging blog story captures the writer’s journey through the ups and downs of the battery project, highlighting their problem-solving skills and commitment to finding solutions. It serves as a testament to the complexities of DIY projects and the perseverance required to overcome obstacles along the way.



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