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Returning to a Diesel After 4 Years of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: What Would Encourage Me to Make the Switch?

Welcome to a new Harry’s Garage video, where we are taking a deep dive into the current state of the market and discussing why I ended up buying a diesel car for my family. A few months ago, I was torn between going pure EV or a plug-in hybrid for our next family car. After considering the options, I ended up with a diesel Range Rover Sport.

In this video, I’ll discuss the factors that led me to choose a diesel car over a plug-in hybrid, as well as what’s happening in the EV market. I’ll explore the reasons behind the drop in secondhand EV prices and why some changes need to be made in the industry.

One of the key issues I address is the lack of efficiency scales for electric cars. While EVs are touted as zero-emission vehicles, the focus on horsepower and performance has led to less efficient models. I believe that efficiency should be a priority in the development of electric cars.

Additionally, I touch on the importance of battery degradation figures in valuing electric cars. Knowing the health of the battery is crucial for buyers and dealers alike, as it directly impacts the car’s value.

Lastly, I discuss the need for a reality check in the EV market. While electric cars are a step towards reducing CO2 emissions, they are not the sole solution. We need to consider other technologies, such as e-fuels and hydrogen, to achieve a significant reduction in emissions.

Overall, the current state of the electric car market presents challenges and opportunities for improvement. By addressing issues such as efficiency, battery health, and the broader impact on emissions, we can work towards a more sustainable future in the automotive industry. Stay tuned for more videos on Harry’s Garage as we continue to explore these topics and more.



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