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Review of Google Pixel 8 Pro: A Look Back After Six Months

The Pixel 8 Pro has been a hot topic in the tech world, with its release causing quite a stir. However, I never got around to reviewing it until now. After using it for several months, I can finally share my thoughts on this flagship device.

At first glance, the Pixel 8 Pro felt half-finished when it launched, but after spending some time with it, I have a better understanding of its capabilities. With fierce competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series and other 2024 flagships, the Pixel 8 Pro had a lot to prove.

The design of the Pixel 8 Pro is sleek and premium, with a flat display that feels comfortable in hand. The camera bump, while protruding, doubles as a finger shelf, making it easier to handle the phone. The build quality is solid, with Gorilla Glass protection on both the front and back.

In terms of software, the Pixel 8 Pro runs the latest version of Android with some Pixel-exclusive features. The phone offers seven years of OS and security updates, ensuring longevity and reliability. The AI capabilities of the device are impressive, with features like AI wallpaper generation and translation tools.

The display of the Pixel 8 Pro is vibrant and sharp, with a high resolution and HDR support. The stereo speakers provide excellent audio quality, making it a great device for multimedia consumption. The performance of the phone is solid, thanks to the Tensor G3 chip and ample RAM.

The camera setup on the Pixel 8 Pro is impressive, with a versatile triple-lens system that delivers excellent results. The telephoto lens offers up to 30x zoom, while the ultra-wide lens captures dramatic shots without distortion. The video recording capabilities are also top-notch, with 4K recording and advanced editing tools.

Overall, the Pixel 8 Pro is a solid flagship device that offers a premium experience. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some competitors, it excels in key areas like camera performance and software features. If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-rich smartphone, the Pixel 8 Pro is definitely worth considering.



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