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Review of the new Citroen e-C3: Finally, an affordable EV that meets our expectations!

Electric cars have long been seen as a luxury item, out of reach for the average motorist due to their high price tags. However, the tide is turning with the introduction of the new Citron EC3. Priced starting at around £23,000 in the UK, this electric car is set to make eco-friendly motoring more accessible to the masses.

The Citron EC3 comes equipped with a 44 KW lfp battery, offering a WLTP range of 199 miles. For those who prefer traditional powertrains, the car is also available with standard petrol or mild hybrid options starting at around £16,000 in the UK. With two trim levels, Plus and Max, the EC3 is well-equipped with features like a 10.25-inch touchscreen and spacious interior.

Despite its affordable price point, the Citron EC3 doesn’t skimp on style or comfort. The car boasts a sleek design, ample interior space, and thoughtful details like customizable color accents and motivational messages on the dashboard. It’s a practical and comfortable ride, perfect for daily commutes or long journeys.

On the road, the Citron EC3 impresses with its smooth and straightforward driving experience. The car is easy to use, with physical buttons for essential functions and a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The suspension system, featuring Citron’s hydraulic bump stops, provides a comfortable ride even over rough roads.

With a real-world range of around 160 miles and efficient performance, the Citron EC3 is a practical choice for eco-conscious drivers. The car may not be the fastest on the market, but its affordability and reliability make it a compelling option for those looking to make the switch to electric.

Overall, the Citron EC3 represents a new era of electric cars that are not only environmentally friendly but also accessible to a wider audience. With its combination of affordability, comfort, and practicality, the EC3 is poised to revolutionize the electric car market and make sustainable motoring a reality for more motorists.



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