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Review of the Renault Scenic E-Tech: An Exceptional All-Rounder at an Affordable Price

The electric car revolution has been led by a handful of cars that have set the benchmark for the industry. From the Nissan Leaf to the BMW i3 and i8, these cars have given us a glimpse into the future of transportation. However, one car that has been flying under the radar is the Renault Scenic.

The all-new Renault Scenic has transformed from a frumpy MPV to a sleek and stylish SUV, all while switching to electric power. Based on the same platform as the Renault Manan, the Scenic offers two batteries and two motors to choose from, with the range-topping model boasting an 87 kWh battery that can go 380 miles on a single charge.

Inside, the Scenic is packed with tech features, including a Google-powered infotainment system, wireless charging pad, and a digital rearview mirror. The spacious interior offers plenty of room for passengers, with comfortable seating and clever storage solutions like swiveling cup holders and hidden compartments.

On the road, the Scenic delivers a smooth and composed ride, with responsive acceleration and intuitive driving dynamics. The car is equipped with advanced safety features and customizable driving modes, making it a breeze to navigate through city streets or cruise on the highway.

Overall, the Renault Scenic represents a new era for Renault’s EV range, offering a compelling blend of style, technology, and performance. With more electric models on the horizon, Renault is poised to continue leading the charge towards a greener future.



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