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Reviewing Long-Term Ownership of the 2023 GR Corolla: Should You Keep or Sell?

Welcome back to the channel, ladies and gentlemen! It’s your friendly neighborhood Armenian here with another video. We have a super chilly Sunday afternoon in Massachusetts right now. This is so far the coldest weekend that we have had, we’re entering the teens basically for temperature. This should be a good opportunity to go for a quick cruise and talk about what it’s been like owning and living with the GR Corolla since I have purchased the car.

So, let’s get the car started, warmed up, and go for a drive. While everything is warming up, let’s talk about what we see right here. First of all, it’s 28 degrees outside, but it really feels like it’s 19 or 20, maybe even 10 with the wind chill. I have had this car for 9 months now, with almost 2900 miles on it. Within those 2900 miles, this car has been driven through all kinds of conditions – rain, back roads, driven hard at times, driven eco-friendly at times, trying to be fuel efficient, commuter car, weekend car, it’s pretty much done all of it.

I have also driven this car through snow, especially as of late. In my most recent video, I drove this car through a big snowstorm that we had a couple of weeks ago. This car did phenomenal in the snow, and I’ll talk more about that as we drive. Don’t be fooled by the 2900 miles on the car, this car does get driven.

I’m sure you all can hear that glorious turbo intake spooling whooshing sound coming from the car. This car has the MSD performance cold air intake system on it, and it has been performing well. I haven’t had any check engine lights yet, even after driving the car hard with the intake.

As I drive the car, I can’t help but comment on the sounds it makes. The turbo spooling, the exhaust note, everything just sounds great. The power delivery is excellent, the all-wheel drive is amazing, especially in the snow. The handling of this car is top-notch, and the transmission is wonderful.

One thing I love about this car is the convenience features, like the heated steering wheel. It has come in clutch many times, especially in the cold weather. The height clearance of this car is also great, making it easy to drive through snow and rough terrains.

Living with this car has been a breeze. It’s fuel-efficient, sporty, handles great, and has plenty of power. The visibility is excellent, and the interior is well-designed with premium materials. The seats are comfortable, and the suspension is forgiving for daily driving.

Overall, owning the GR Corolla has been a fantastic experience. It’s a versatile and fun car to drive, and it excels in various driving conditions. If you’re in the market for a sporty hatchback with all-wheel drive capabilities, the GR Corolla is definitely worth considering.

Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more GR Corolla content on this channel. Don’t forget to hit that thumbs up and subscribe for more automotive content. Until next time, peace!



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