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Singapore prioritizes mental health by increasing pool of psychologists by 40%

Singapore is taking a bold step towards prioritizing mental health with the government’s new national strategy. Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong recently announced plans to increase the number of doctors and services dedicated to mental health, including at facilities like The Institute of Mental Health.

The government aims to improve access to mental health services by increasing the number of psychiatrists and psychologists in the public sector, as well as providing more beds for psychiatric patients and care facilities. Additionally, there will be more support for students, parents, working people, and National servicemen.

One key aspect of the national mental health strategy is the implementation of a tiered care model, which involves four levels of mental health support. This model aims to ensure that individuals receive the right support at the right time, from family doctors to social workers and even teachers.

The strategy also includes specific initiatives to support at-risk groups, such as youths and seniors. For example, an intermediate residential facility will be developed to support youths at risk of suicide or self-harm, while seniors will be connected with community volunteers to combat loneliness.

In the workplace, the Ministry of Manpower is launching a survey to gauge employee stress levels and is working to make it easier for individuals recovering from mental health conditions to return to work.

Overall, the message behind Singapore’s national mental health strategy is clear: mental health is everyone’s business, and managing it well is a national priority. By addressing stigma, increasing access to services, and providing support across various sectors, Singapore is taking significant steps towards creating a society where mental health can be openly discussed, supported, and prioritized.



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