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Surviving a 24-Hour Training Session with Erling Haaland: Consuming 6000 Calories

The day started with a challenge – to eat like Erling Harland, one of the most impressive athletes on the planet, who follows an insane 6,000 calorie diet. The day before the challenge, preparations were made, and the total cost of the food came to £35 for just one day.

Harland’s daily routine includes wearing blue light glasses before bed and turning off all gadgets in the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep. Following his routine, the blogger went to bed early to prepare for the next day’s challenge.

The morning of the challenge arrived, and the blogger started the day with sunlight on their eyes to help with their circadian rhythm. They also filtered their water, following Harland’s belief in its health benefits. Breakfast consisted of avocado, protein bagels, fruit, a pastry, whole grain cereal, and apple juice, totaling around 1,000 calories.

Throughout the day, the blogger followed Harland’s routine, including hill sprints, a protein shake, a ham and cheese omelette, tuna, fruit, meditation, and Harland’s “magic potion” made of milk, kale, and spinach.

After a football session, a lasagna meal, and an ice bath, the blogger was feeling the weight of over 3,000 calories consumed. Despite feeling full and tired, they pushed through a gym session and a liver dish, which they couldn’t finish due to the smell.

By the end of the day, the blogger had consumed nearly 4,000 calories and needed to find 2,000 more. They decided to indulge in Harland’s cheat meal – a kebab pizza. Despite feeling defeated, the blogger reflected on the experience of eating like Harland and attempting his daily practices.

In the end, the blogger realized the dedication and discipline required to follow such a diet and routine, and gained a newfound appreciation for Harland’s athletic prowess. It was a challenging day, but one that provided valuable insights into the world of elite athletes and their extreme diets.



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