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The consequences of the most recent elections in Mexico and India

The political landscape in Mexico is about to undergo a major shift as Claudia Shin Balb, a climate scientist and energy engineer, emerges as the country’s first female president. With a resounding win of about 60% of the vote, Shin Balb’s victory signals a new era of leadership in Mexico City.

Shin Balb, who previously served as the mayor of Mexico City, is a major ally of the current president, Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO. With a track record of being a harsh critic of big business and advocating for the nationalization of certain industries, particularly energy, Shin Balb’s presidency is poised to bring about significant changes in Mexico’s economic landscape.

As the market reacts to Shin Balb’s win, CNBC contributor Michelle Kuso Cabrera weighs in on the challenges ahead for the new leader. With concerns about increased government intervention in the economy and the impact on investors, Cabrera highlights the importance of maintaining the independence of the Central Bank to protect the purchasing power of the Mexican peso.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Shin Balb’s presidency, there is optimism about the potential for Mexico to become a strong near-shoring partner for the United States. With a focus on creating more jobs and improving infrastructure, Shin Balb’s administration aims to strengthen ties with the US while addressing issues such as Chinese investment in Mexico and the need for improved utilities.

Overall, Shin Balb’s election as Mexico’s first female president marks a significant milestone in the country’s history. As she prepares to take office and implement her policies, all eyes will be on how she navigates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Mexico’s future.



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