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The Reasons Behind My $3600 Investment in the iPad Pro M4

The 2024 iPad Pros have arrived, and they are causing quite a stir with their sleek design and impressive features. These new tablets are shockingly thin, almost concerningly so, but they pack a punch with a new chip, display, and accessories. They are the highest-end, and probably the most expensive tablets in the world, with a price tag that may make you gasp.

As a self-proclaimed non-iPad guy, the idea of spending a small car’s worth of money on a tablet seemed absurd. However, after getting my hands on one and exploring its capabilities, I found myself questioning my stance on tablets. The thinness of the device, combined with its powerful chip and stunning display, made me reconsider its place in my tech lineup.

The new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro further enhanced the iPad’s functionality, making it feel more like a laptop than ever before. The performance of the M4 chip impressed me, and I started to see the iPad as a viable replacement for my laptop in certain tasks. The optimized apps and gaming experience on the iPad also caught my attention, making me realize its potential as a versatile device.

The OLED screen, with its deep blacks and high brightness, added to the overall appeal of the iPad. The improved cameras and additional features like Center Stage for video calls further showcased the device’s versatility. The option for cellular connectivity and compatibility with various accessories made me consider the iPad as a potential main computer.

Despite the hefty price tag and some limitations compared to a traditional laptop, the iPad Pro’s capabilities and portability started to sway me towards making the switch. The potential for a more streamlined tech setup and enhanced user experience made me excited about the possibilities with the iPad.

As I contemplate the decision to invest in the new iPad Pro, I am faced with questions about its performance, file management, and storage options. The transition from a laptop to an iPad may require some adjustments, but the benefits of a more integrated and efficient tech setup seem worth exploring.

If you want to follow my journey with the iPad Pro and see how it transforms my tech experience, subscribe to help us overtake Apple. Stay tuned for updates on how the iPad Pro revolutionizes my workflow and whether it lives up to the hype as a laptop replacement.



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