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Toyota unveils two new electric vehicles, the Toyota bZ3C and bZ3X, produced by BYD

Toyota has just unveiled two new electric cars, the Toyota B3C and the BZ 3X, at the Beijing Auto Show. These are not your typical concept cars that never make it to production; these are legitimate electric vehicles that will be hitting the market soon.

While exact details have not been revealed, it is likely that these cars will be powered by lithium-ion phosphate blade batteries from BYD. Both models will be built in China, the world’s largest EV market, and will feature the latest driver assistance programs.

The B3C is a sleek crossover developed in partnership with BFW, while the BZ 3X is a larger SUV that resembles a Land Cruiser. Both models boast a minimalist design with a massive central infotainment display and digital gauge cluster.

It remains to be seen if these cars will be sold outside of China, but with the increasing trend of manufacturing EVs in China, it could be a smart move for Toyota to do so. Would you consider purchasing one of these electric cars knowing they are developed in partnership with BYD? Let us know your thoughts!



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