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Transforming the Appearance of my High-Mileage Tesla Model S P85 on a Budget

In today’s blog post, we’re diving into the world of auto auctions and Tesla cars. The blogger is back at the auto auction rebuilds, and this time, they’re focusing on Tesla vehicles. The previous video of driving a Tesla through subzero temperatures and snowstorms was a hit, so they’re back with more Tesla content.

The blogger shares their experience of driving a Tesla in extreme weather conditions and emphasizes the importance of understanding how to use an electric car properly. They discuss the need to precondition the battery and not rely solely on superchargers for charging.

They also talk about their recent purchase of new wheels for their Tesla and the process of installing them. The new wheels are lighter and come with better tires, providing improved range and performance for the car. The blogger contemplates whether to powder coat the wheels in gloss black or keep the current charcoal color.

The blog post takes a lighthearted turn as the blogger engages in banter with friends and discusses various topics, including age, health, and relationships. They touch on the importance of maintaining relationships despite differing beliefs and viewpoints.

In the end, the blogger bids farewell to a friend who is moving away but expresses hope for future collaborations and content creation. They encourage readers to check out their friend’s channel and show support.

Overall, the blog post is a mix of informative content about Tesla cars, personal anecdotes, and friendly banter, creating an engaging and entertaining read for the audience.



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