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Yoga Dave’s 10-Minute Mindfulness Session for Stress Relief

Hello and welcome to this 10-minute mindfulness meditation session. Today, we are going to explore the basics of mindfulness and meditation, focusing on a body scan to help us connect with our bodies and quiet our minds.

As we prepare to start the practice, take a moment to find a comfortable seated position. Sit up tall, with your shoulders relaxed and your feet grounded. Close your eyes if it feels comfortable, and take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, to center yourself.

Now, bring your awareness to your body. Feel the soles of your feet on the ground, the weight of your sitting bones on the chair, and the soft curl of your fingers. Notice any tension in your shoulders and abdomen, and allow your breath to soften and release it.

As you continue to breathe, expand your awareness to the whole of your physical body. Feel the tingling in your feet, the bend in your knees and elbows, and the weight of your body on the chair. Tune into any sounds around you, deepening your breath to invite energy into your body.

If you’d like, you can stay in this state of awareness for a few more minutes, enjoying the peace and relaxation it brings. When you’re ready to finish, gently lower your chin to your chest, open your eyes, and lift your gaze.

I hope you enjoyed this short mindfulness practice and that it helps you feel more relaxed and present. Remember, you’re just six breaths away from a calmer state of mind. Thank you for joining me, and please like, comment, and share this practice with others. Take your time easing back into your day, and remember to carry this sense of mindfulness with you. Namaste.



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