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Achieving a $10k Month as a New Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, hitting your first $10,000 month is a huge milestone. It’s a moment of validation, a moment of pride, and a moment of reflection. In this blog story, we follow the journey of someone who achieved this milestone and shares their insights on what it took to get there.

The author starts by sharing their excitement at hitting their first $10,000 month as an entrepreneur. They proudly display screenshots of all the payments that went into their bank account, totaling over $14,000 in revenue. They talk about their profit margins and how they realized they were on track to hit this milestone a few weeks prior.

But what sets this story apart is the author’s realization that addiction played a key role in their success. They reflect on how they used to believe they were lazy and lacked discipline, but through their addiction to certain activities like video games and fantasy basketball, they were able to excel. They share how getting addicted to something they enjoyed propelled them to success, and how this realization changed their mindset.

The author emphasizes that anyone has the ability to become disciplined, dedicated, and addicted to something that will improve their life. They stress the importance of channeling this addiction into productive activities, like making money or achieving goals. They acknowledge that it’s not always easy, but it’s the key to success.

In the end, the author shares their secret to success: finding a way to harness their addiction and use it to their advantage. They encourage readers to tap into their own ability to get addicted to something that will drive them towards their goals.

This blog story is not just about hitting a financial milestone, but about the mindset and determination it takes to get there. It’s a reminder that success is within reach for anyone who is willing to put in the work and channel their addiction into something meaningful.



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