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Anticipated Rate Cuts in Canada

In the world of investing, keeping an eye on the market trends and indicators is crucial for making informed decisions. Today, we have Brienne Gardner, a senior wealth manager at Velocity Investment Partners Raymond James, sharing her insights on the current market conditions.

One of the key points Brienne highlights is the increasing breadth in the market. It’s not just the usual big players driving the markets higher, but a wider range of sectors like utilities and materials are starting to participate in the rally. This broadening of the market is a positive sign for investors, indicating a potential rotation and more bullish sentiment.

However, Brienne also points out some cautionary signals, such as the decreasing number of stocks above their 50-day moving average. While this could be a sign of short-term volatility, it’s important to monitor closely to ensure a sustainable rally.

When it comes to specific sectors, Brienne mentions trimming exposure to consumer discretionary stocks due to slowing consumer spending. She also discusses the communication services sector, highlighting the potential impact of interest rate cuts on stocks like Telis.

Speaking of interest rates, Brienne shares her thoughts on the upcoming Bank of Canada decision, leaning towards a rate cut but acknowledging the uncertainty tied to the US economic conditions.

Lastly, Brienne touches on Canadian banks, expressing cautious optimism and favoring US banks like Black Rock and JP Morgan. She mentions holding onto Royal Bank of Canada due to its strong performance and dividend yield.

Overall, Brienne’s insights provide a comprehensive overview of the current market landscape, offering valuable guidance for investors navigating through uncertain times. As always, staying informed and adaptable is key to successful investing in today’s dynamic market environment.



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