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Comparing Every New ELF Makeup Dupe to the Original! Which is the Superior Product?

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! How are you all doing on this gorgeous day? Please ignore that, I know it’s a little shocking. It’s been a shock to my system. I’ve broken out recently on my forehead as well. I did so much salicylic BHAs, PCA, is it PCA, a freeway PCH? But anyway, you guys, today’s video, we’re going to be doing a versus: Elf versus the original product, the dupe. You know Elf Cosmetics out here be duping everybody. I did a video about a year ago where I talked about all the dupes at the time, but then in the past year, they’ve done more dupes I didn’t talk about. So I’m not going to be repeating dupes, these are all new dupes. Imagine drinking every time I say dupe, literally don’t do that, you will get poisoned. Y’all hear those products rattling? Yeah, that’s a lot of dupes. Is Elf better than the original? We’re going to find out. We’re going to find out if the original is better, if the Elf version is better. Obviously, Elf is a drugstore brand, they’re much more affordable than the majority of these dupes. So yeah, that’s what this is going to be. As always, if you guys don’t like this video, if you guys don’t like me, please don’t watch it. But if you guys do like this video, if you guys like when we test Elf products, if you guys like the dupe, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already. But yeah, so I’ll be talking like this the rest of the video. Hey, how y’all doing? So today’s video, we’re going to be testing out all these Elf goodies. Imagine I did that the whole time, okay. So I’m actually going to go ahead and do primer first and then we’ll cover up the ailments. I’m in a green zone, by the way. I’ve been wearing green a lot recently. I feel like it just looks really beautiful with my eyes and my complexion, so I’ve just been doing it. Should we do WR original? WR and original sound good. So we’re going to do that, right? Tatcha Silk Canvas Liquid versus Elf Liquid Portless Putty Primer. These to me are dupes. These are Halo dupes, and I feel like they came for the girls. Obviously, this one is from Tatcha. This is their Liquid Silk Canvas. They came out with a Silk Canvas, Elf duped that with a Putty Primer. I don’t know how to do that. People be spraying shell over their face. I can’t even do that. And then they came out with a Liquid version, and then Elf duped that too. At least this is, by the way, this is all my conspiracy, allegedly. Who knows if Elf is truly out here duping? I don’t want to get sued. I don’t know who they’re duping or what the tea is, but these are just my personal opinions. So I’m going to use Silk Canvas on this side. I love Silk Canvas. It’s beautiful. It looks so nice on the skin. It’s so lightweight, but really does a nice job at blurring your pores slightly, nothing crazy, but it blurs them without it feeling heavy or cakey. So let’s try the Putty Primer on this side. Very similar in consistency. I’m sorry, dude, like it’s kind of the same. Man, it really is. It blurs the skin. It’s lightweight, just like the Tatcha one is. I could put this on my face eyes closed, do them, and I wouldn’t really know the difference. Like consistency-wise, I really wouldn’t. I feel like for some reason, the Liquid Portless gives me slightly more of a lifelike finish. Not necessarily glowy, ’cause it’s not glowy, but it just gives me a little bit more of a subtle sheen. But they do the same things to the pores. It looks very similar. They feel consistency similar. This one shocks me. Like, I really do believe that this is a dupe. I really do. This one, obviously, is pink, so you can get more of a pinky under eye. This one is more on the peach side. I don’t know where my peach one went. I think I have duendes in my house. I do, I do, because things be disappearing and it don’t make sense ’cause it’s like, where would they have gone? I personally, for my complexion, for my skin tone, I like pink. I enjoy the pink. I like the cherry blossom vibe more than I do peach. So I like the pink more. But let me go put some foundation on real quick and I’ll come back to do concealer with you. Okay, so I have foundation on. What do we think? Actually, before we do concealer, let’s just use another dupe to moisturize the lips for the future of this video. Even the color, I mean, this one has more pink to it, but still, it’s so similar. These are the Elf Glowy Lips Balms with 10 grams of product, and then we have the Elf Squeeze Me Lip Balms with how much product is in here? Six grams of product, so it’s almost half the product, but it looks so similar. And I actually have not tried these yet, so I’m excited. I love the Lan ones. I think they’re incredible. I think they’re amazing, super smooth, super buttery. These are fantastic. It’s so be glowy. Like, these are just absolutely great products. So let’s try the Elf one. I’m so intrigued. Same applicator, same color, not the same smell. Smells like grape. Okay, I don’t like grape, but we’re going to go ahead and use it. They’re actually very similar. I will say they’re similar, but the Elf side is actually a little thicker. It’s a little heavier. Hold on, can you guys see at the edges? Like, they’re kind of gunky. Probably less product is more with these kinds of things. Less is more. I will say the Elf one is more emollient. Like, it feels like it has more oils in it, so it actually feels a little bit less thick. It feels a lot more lightweight. But this is really close. It’s extremely close. It just feels a little heavier, and you can see that it was kind of gunking up a little bit when you put too much on. Both beautiful, but I actually do prefer the Lan one over the Elf one. But both look kind of the exact same. It’s more so about how they feel on the lip, you know what I’m saying? All right, another product I have not used from Elf that I felt like was a dupe when I saw it is this right here. This is the Flawless Brightening Concealer, and I feel like it was a dupe for the YSL Touche Eclat Concealer. You know, whenever I say Touche Eclat, I feel like I’m your FR. Let me stop. Okay, so we’re going to do Touche Eclat on the right side. I’m already corrected, so I don’t feel like I need actually a lot of concealer. So I feel like this would be plenty for us. Me being like, I don’t think I need a lot as I literally apply. Okay, so let’s try this one. I have not tried this yet. We’ll let that settle in. Same pen, same vibe. And this is in the shade Fair TC. Okay, even the color, consistency, overall shine is literally, literally identical. Maybe the Elf one is slightly more luminous, but like, holy [censored]. So the Elf one is actually feels actually more lightweight and better for like more mature skin. And it feels almost more dewy and luminous. All right, okay. So I would definitely say this one feels more loomy. Okay, if that makes sense. This one gives me more of a glow. So the formulation is slightly different, but I will say the effect is so freaking similar. The color is so similar. As you can see, the Touche Eclat side, there’s a little bit of a glow to it. This one, I feel like has more glow to it. It’s more luminous on this side, but still coverage is the same. And I think that when you said it, it’s gonna be the… We have some blushes, which I felt like Diva Divalicious Diva. You cannot tell me that Elf did not come out with these chamel liquid blushes to counteract rare Bey blushes, honey. And I also felt like this color was very similar. This is in the shade Bliss. I think this is probably like my most used rare beauty one. A little dollop like that, that’s what we’re going to use on that side. Just going to pat it in. I like Bliss because I don’t feel like it’s super overpowering. It just gives me more of a blushing from within kind of… I’m very just like, “Oh my gosh, like you’re blushing. Oh my God.” And then this shade from Elf is their Dusty Rose shade. Dusty ass [censored]. I have not used this shade. I’ve only used like the orangey one, which I loved. So we’re going to take a little bit of that. I don’t know how much to use yet, so we’re just going to do a little and we’re going to pat on and see. This is way more pigmented. The color is literally almost identical. But the pigmentation load for this specific shade is much stronger, much stronger on the Elf one, to be quite honest, because I used similar amounts on both sides, but the Elf one is more pigmented than the rare one, which I actually did not think was going to happen. I think if I just build up the rare one, I feel like this one’s a little bit lighter than the Elf one, but once you build it up, it’s very much almost unclockable on the face. Total dupes, Dusty Rose and Bliss, total freaking dupes. Oops, I knew what they were doing. That one, honestly, I’m looking very sickening, and I really do feel like my face looks the exact same on both sides. Do you feel that? Is that what you feel as well in your third eye? Let’s put some bronzer on. I’ll came out with the wands. They obviously were kind of coming for the Charlotte Til wands vibes, the Halo wands. We have the contour ones, we have the blushy ones, and we have the highlighter ones. I don’t even have the Charlotte Tilbury one, the contour one anymore. I literally got rid of it. It was just not it. It’s just not my tea, you guys. It’s just not my tea, you know? But I do have the Elf one to use just as our bronzer. For the highlight, we will be using Charlotte versus Elf. I will say the color is beautiful. They blend really nicely. I think that the matte ones or like the bronzery, the matte vibes are just better than the ones with shimmer. ‘Cause for some reason to me, I feel like the shimmer ones just dry too quickly. I just don’t think they look that good. I don’t like her. I think she’s a bad seed on this earth. I really just don’t like her. She’s a bad seed on this earth. Regardless of the wands, they do work. They are nice. The bronzery contouring ones, I think everything is looking absolutely stosa and you can’t tell me nothing. Let’s go in with the highlighter ones. I’m just not a huge fan of the highlighter ones. I think the reason is because I just don’t think that they give you a lot of blending time. And there’s just something, I don’t know what it is about these. I just really don’t love even the Elf one. Like, does it work? Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s so similar in the shade too, by the way. These are absolute dupes. I think they look literally identical. Over powder, forget about it. Right now, I’m not set. So everything is looking good. Everything is like working well. Okay, guys, I’m going to go ahead and set my face off camera, do my brows, do a little bit of eyeshadow, nothing Christ. I don’t have like a specific palette or thing for the eyes that I felt like were real dupes. We’re going to come back and we’re going to use lip liners and lip click sticks. To me, it was giving duana with the Mega Forever pencils when they came out with their new, their new contour cream glide lip liners, click sticks from Tarte. And then Elf. So we’ll use that one. I’m back, so I’ll be right back. You want to know what’s so funny? I remember why I don’t use the YSL CLA anymore because when you set that bad [censored], reflect particles start to peak through your powder and it looks like you have little mini glitters under your eye. I completely forgot. I haven’t used it in so long that I completely forgot that that’s what it is. So I will say immediately right now, I prefer the Elf one over the YSL one because I do not want little glitters under my eye. I wonder if you can see on my phone if I show you guys my phone. We’re going to attempt. I’m going to try to get you guys to see it. It’s all in this area here. There’s like little reflect particles compared to this side. There’s no reflect particles. It makes me violent, you guys. I was just shading my nose a little bit just because of my pimples and [censored], but I feel like it made my nose look a lot larger. That’s not the effect I was going for. I don’t like that one. B, okay. So I’m taking Nude Prism. I take the shade B from Nude Prism and I’ll put the shade B on the sides of my nose. We’re pinching. We’re pinching in. Okay, I don’t know if that looks better, to be quite honest. It’s looking bulbous [censored]. It [censored] it, dude. [censored] it. Yeah, here I am trying to fix it. No, like I literally don’t even care. Till like, call like, oh my God, I don’t care. Like [censored] it. Yeah, here I am trying to fix it. No, like I literally don’t even care. And by the way, I only actually really set this area of my face. I didn’t really set out here. I kept everything else pretty like natural finish. I only set the center. Anyway, let’s move right along ’cause honestly, that was a very long-winded way of saying I’m scared of my own self. I am. Although, by the way, on my eyes, I only have this. This is the Elf. I love this product. This is the No Budge Cream Shadow. I have it just on both eyes. I just tapped it on. So on to the lips. So I personally feel in my soul and even in my haul that we have dupes of Mega Forever Pencils with these Elf ones. I do. I do. And honestly, even color-wise, I have the shades. These are hard to see. We have Baddest Beige. Okay, we have Baddest Beige, which is like a beige with a slightly pink undertone. I have this Makeup Forever pencil called Whatever Walnut, and I feel like they’re similar. It’s a little bit more pink, but you can get away with it. You know what I’m saying? Like, you can get away with it. It’s slightly more pink, but come on. I have this shade, Spill the Tea, right here, and it’s more of a brown shade. And it kind of reminds me, honestly, of the Morphe one. Let me see. I think Anywhere Caffeine. Is it similar? No, it’s not. So similar to Anywhere Caffeine. I wonder if it is similar to Sweet Tea by Morphe. It kind of is, just a little bit more brown. It’s called Spill the Tea, and then we have Sweet Tea. I feel like regardless, they’re more so dupes for the Makeup Forever ones, but by the way, my lips feel hydrated. Both sides feel hydrated. Fantastic. Everything feels really good on my lips from the lip balms. So let’s go in. I’m going to go in with the more pinky tone. I’m going to take the shade Baddest Beige. These are honestly, you guys, I’ve used these and they are really nice. Like, I’m genuinely very impressed. Like, this is nice for an inexpensive pencil. They’re actually a lot more creamy than I expected too when I first tried them because it’s in a wooden pencil form and usually like wooden pencils aren’t as creamy as like, you know, the ones in like that PVC plastic material. So let’s do the Makeup Forever one on this side and you’ll see these are actually not as creamy as this one. They’re more like classically wooden pencil, if that makes sense. These are more classic. They’re similar. Shut up. Okay. And then we’re going to go in with our Lippy. So we have the Maracuja from Tarte, the Juicy Plumping. So this is like, I feel like the Tarte Marula Lippies, they really started this wild trend, not trend, but like they really set off this kind of product in this clickable formula because there’s so many brands that have it now. She Glam, About Face, so many brands have this clickable type of product now. They’re very nice. They’re thick. The Elf one is thick. The Tarte one is thick. I think they’re all like pretty darn thick. And it has a menthol sensation just like the Elf ones do. I’m taking the shade P2. What the Elf shades are almost impossible to see. I will say pinky out, pinky out. They feel like literally almost identical on the lip. I’m not even kidding because they have that same thickness to them, but they’re not sticky. Sticky. If you put a lot of product on, they’ll become gunky and they’ll kind of start webbing your lips. So a little bit goes a long way. Do not use more than you need. Like you really don’t need it. Color wise, I like this side more because it’s slightly more cool tone than this one. More peachy. More cool, more peachy. Both are dupes of each other. The lip pencils give me such dupe vibes. Obviously, the Makeup Forever ones are a little bit more stiff. So if you like stiffer pencils, you like that really intense precision, definitely go with Makeup Forever. And if you want to try a little dupe of a



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