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I Never Imagined Witnessing This…

Welcome to the world of tech news, where the latest updates and innovations are always just a click away. In a surprising turn of events, Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology and AMD’s FSR frame generation have joined forces to deliver an unprecedented gaming experience in the PC version of the popular title Ghost of Tsushima. Twitter users were quick to share their excitement, with one user claiming to reach over 170 frames per second by enabling both features on their RTX 390.

But the tech news doesn’t stop there. Google has made a bold move by writing a cashier’s check for triple the maximum amount of damages claimed in the Department of Justice’s lawsuit over anti-competitive advertising practices. Microsoft, on the other hand, is facing backlash for suggesting users revert their default search engine back to Bing in their PC manager tool.

In the world of quantum internet, researchers have achieved a major milestone by developing memory modules that allow quantum information to travel through existing fiber optic cables. And in a groundbreaking study, Google and Harvard scientists have successfully mapped a small portion of the human brain, revealing intricate connections between neurons.

Private astronaut Jared Isaacman is making headlines for his plan to fund a commercial spacewalking mission to save the aging Hubble Telescope. Despite concerns from NASA, Isaacman remains determined to make this mission a reality.

As the tech world continues to evolve and innovate, it’s clear that the possibilities are endless. So why not stay tuned for more exciting tech news updates on Monday? From Snapdragon X powered laptops to Microsoft Surface devices, the future of technology is brighter than ever. Don’t miss out on the latest developments – it’s going to be good.



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