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Impressions of the M4 iPad Pro: This is a Bit Awkward

The latest Apple event unveiled the newest iPads, including the iPad Air and iPad Pro, with impressive upgrades and features. The iPad Air now boasts the M2 chip, larger screen options, and improved webcam placement. On the other hand, the iPad Pro received the M4 chip, OLED display, and a tandem OLED display for ultra-bright and vibrant visuals. The event also introduced the Apple Pencil Pro and a new magic keyboard. Despite the incredible hardware upgrades, the question remains: are these spec-bumped iPads truly revolutionary or just another iteration of the same device? With WWDC around the corner, where new software updates are expected, the future of these iPads remains uncertain. In the meantime, tech enthusiasts can check out the new MKBHD gear, including the Carbon Fiber 3k and Matte Black Everything Wallets, designed in collaboration with Ridge. With a 30% discount on new gear and 10% off sitewide at, it’s a great time to upgrade your wallet game. Stay tuned for more exciting product releases from MKBHD and Ridge in the near future.



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