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Intense Leg Day Workout Pump

The life of a bodybuilder is never dull, especially for 5.32. After surviving a trip to Pittsburgh and giving a talk on childbirth (of all things), he’s back home and gearing up for a trip to Mexico to get stem cells so he can live forever. But before he jets off, he’s hitting the gym hard, pushing his limits with intense workouts and questionable decisions.

In his latest blog post, 5.32 takes us through a grueling leg day session, complete with awkward belt squats and deep quad extensions. Despite the pain and exhaustion, he powers through, fueled by protein shakes and chicken tenders.

But it’s not all about the gym for 5.32. He’s also excited about the upcoming Raw Nutrition drop, featuring new shorts and tattoo shirts. Plus, he’s geeking out over the new Vision Pro virtual reality system, even though he won’t have time to use it on his trip.

With a mix of fitness, technology, and a touch of chaos, 5.32’s life is anything but ordinary. Stay tuned for more updates on his adventures and workouts, and maybe even a chance to meet him at the upcoming Raw event. Peace out, and keep grinding!



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