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Mindful Yoga – Stretching Body and Mind

Hello everyone and welcome back to 0.199 Nastal Yoga! Join me today in this short 8-minute video for a beginner-friendly yoga session focused on mindfulness. In this practice, we will stretch our bodies and find peace within ourselves. So, if you’re ready to practice with me, grab your mat, find some space, and let’s get started.

We’ll begin by standing at the top of our mat, rolling our shoulders back, chest up, palms facing the sky, and pelvis tucked in. Take a few breaths to center yourself and connect to your body. Place your hands on your belly and chest to feel that connection, and take a moment to come back to your breath.

As we flow through the practice, we’ll move through various poses and stretches to release tension, find length in our spine, and open up our bodies. From standing stretches to cat-cow poses to downward dog, we’ll move with the breath and find fluidity in our movements.

We’ll also focus on connecting to our breath and finding moments of stillness and gratitude throughout the practice. Ending with a seated meditation, we’ll take a moment to thank ourselves for showing up and dedicating this time to our well-being.

So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this session is perfect for anyone looking to find peace and mindfulness on the mat. Let’s take this time to care for ourselves and start our day with a clear mind and intention.




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